Information about Event Planning Schools

Event planners are responsible for pulling off every component of a successful event, from the food and music to the guest list and the tablecloths. To do this effectively, they must not only be incredibly organized and detail-oriented; they must also have a sufficient education and background in effective event planning. Luckily, there are hundreds of event planning schools that can show individuals exactly what they need to do to succeed in their chosen career.

What Event Planning Schools Have to Offer

At event planning schools, students will learn everything they need to run a successful and even thriving event planningbusiness. They will learn how to interact with and book catering staff, performers and audio visual teams, how to design marketing materials to promote their events, and even how to work with clients more effectively. Some of the courses they take may include:

• Planning Timeframes: Learn how to work within extended and abbreviated planning timelines, maximizing your productivity and managing the client.

• Itineraries: Discover the most effective ways to organize the event’s itinerary, making the event flow smoothly and never feel rushed.

• Creating and Working with Budgets: Master the art of the budget from small thousand-dollar events to multimillion dollar conferences.

• Booking a Staff: Learn how to work with hotel and venue staffs, book catering, manage audio/visual teams, and others.

• Marketing and Promotions: Advertise both your own business and the events you plan with effective marketing and promotional materials and techniques.

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The Top Event Planning Schools

Most community colleges and continuing education campuses offer some courses in event planning. For the best and most well-rounded education, though, students should look into some of the top event planning schools in the country. These schools are incredibly well-regarded in the industry and a degree from any on this list will give future event planners a leg up on the competition.

• Cornell University in Ithaca, New York

• Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan

• University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada

• Farleigh Dickinson University inMadison, New Jersey

• Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia

• University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts

• Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania

• Washington State University in Pullman, Washington

• University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida

• Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa

Online Programs in Event Planning

Students don’t have to take on full course loads at event planning schools to gain the knowledge and skills they will need. There are plenty of online programs that offer multiple planning tools, ideas about organization and useful information on successful event planning. Some of the most notable online event planning schools include:

• QC School of Event and Wedding Planning

• The International School of Hospitality

• US Career Institute

• Kaplan University

• Ashworth College

How High School Students Can Prepare

Students in high school can do a lot to prepare themselves for a future career in event planning. Joining the prom committee, organizing the yearbook or even being a part of student government can give students valuable experiences with handling large events and lots of details at once. In addition, students should maintain a 2.5 GPA and take courses in:

• English

• Social Studies

• Psychology

• Accounting

• Business

• Mathematics

Event planning may seem like a glamorous and exciting job filled with parties, benefits, and galas. In truth, though, the job can be incredibly difficult and is not recommended for those who do not want to put in the effort. Only those who are prepared to work hard and put in the required hours will succeed and enjoy the benefits of this challenging but incredibly rewarding job.

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